Learning to Trade Takes Time

A friend of mine talked about how great it was trading bitcoin, so I tried it. The first time I did, I didn’t like it. I was confused by the interface and couldn’t understand how the price charts worked. My friend would use terms like HODL and it was like he was talking in some kind of foreign language. I bought some bitcoin and as soon as I did, the prices took a steep drop. Seeing the value go down like that put me off from trading for a while. I didn’t get back into it until my friend convinced me to come back.

I was told by my friend that I would have an easier time trading if I used a bitcoin app. The app was easier for me to understand because I could figure out what the charts were saying. In the time passed since I first bought bitcoin, the price had gone back up. I bought some more and this time the price rose. My friend told me to sell because the price was going to go back down again, and so I did. This was the first time I actually made a profit from bitcoin, and it felt great.

I can trade wherever I want when using the app. I can do it when reading books at the library, while I’m doing work at the office, and even when I’m ordering food at the drive through of my favorite fast food restaurant. Using my phone so much for trading has caused the battery to drain faster than it normally would, but I have a couple of solutions for that problem. I keep a charger in my car that hooks up to the cigarette lighter. I also have a small solar charger that takes in sunlight and turns it into electricity.