My Boss Throws Great Parties

I love my job. My boss is incredible and generous, and my work mates make the job so much fun for me. We have all kinds of team building events, and my boss always hires corporate event entertainment when we have any formal or casual shindig. I used to work for a company that thought allowing us to wear jeans one Friday a month was letting us show our wild side, so this job is a breath of fresh air. I really like it when we have some kind of party, whether it is for Christmas, a company picnic, or anything in between.

We have at least two a year, and sometimes three or four if we have performed exceptionally well. The great thing about these parties is that no two are ever alike. The boss plans them down to the last detail on his own, and he likes to keep us on our toes guessing what we are going to be treated to next. Having such a fun boss like this is such a blessing! The last party we had was because we exceeded the sales goals by double digits.

He threw together a catered meal, and then he put the main focus on the entertainment. He made sure it was a fun event too! There were singers and dancers, and each one was amazing. There were magicians who traveled throughout the venue, making sure that we all were treated to a magic trick or two. My favorite part was the string quartet that was brought in for the dinner music. It was just so elegant, and then they did a pop song out of the blue that just had all of us in awe. Is it any wonder that the turnover rate is extremely low for the company I work at?