Seeing My Sister Get the Wedding Experience

My sister was getting married to her boyfriend, who she had been dating for over 7 years. We were starting to think that they would never get married and would just stay a couple well into their old age, but they finally decided to tie the knot. She asked me where my wife and I got our wedding invitations from, and we told her that we went to, because they had a decent selection and even let anyone make their own. She liked the idea of having a custom wedding invitation that would have a piece of her and her husband in it.

As my sister was planning her wedding, my wife and I thought back to the days when we were planning our wedding. We were running around like two chickens with their heads cut off, trying to figure out just what to do for the wedding. We looked at all kinds of cakes and invitation designs and flower arrangements. I can’t even remember half of the names of the things that we looked at, but I’ll always remember how they looked until the end of time. I hope I never have to plan another wedding as long as I live. I don’t see how people do it for a living.

By the time my sister was done with her wedding, she was glad that she would never have to go through all of that again. Going forward, we should probably just convince anyone else that we know to just go for a more simplistic wedding. They can still send out invitations and get their cake, but they don’t have to put themselves in a lot of stress or spend a lot just to make a good wedding. It’s the experience and the memories that will make it good.