Shopping for a Car Lover

I have a friend who is a big car fan. He’s been into cars since he was a little kid. He would collect toy cars that looked like real life cars, and when he got a little older, he sold candy so he could pay for a subscription to a car magazine. He’s still subscribed to that magazine today. As a present for his birthday, I went to to get a show plate for him. I figured that he could put the plate somewhere in his home with all of the other car related things that he has.

Even though I know what my friend likes, sometimes it’s a little hard to think of something to get for him. I’ve given him a lot of car related gifts in the past, but I think I’ve given him just about everything. From things related to cars, to actual parts to put in his cars, I’ve bought them all. I don’t like to give the same gift twice, unless a person really wants to have it. My friend said he’s happy getting nothing but gift certificates to the auto parts store, but I would like to put a little more creative effort into my gift ideas beyond that.

I wrapped the number plate in some wrapping paper and put a bow on it. After I gave it to my friend, he looked at it for a minute and tried to figure out what was inside of the gift. He thought it might have been some kind of calendar or maybe a large gift certificate. Once he pulled off the wrapping paper, he saw the plate and fell in love with it the moment he saw it. He put the plate in his bedroom so that he can see it whenever he’s laying in bed.