Best Anti Snore Pillow Review

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Almost one-third of the 40 years and older people snore regularly keeping their partners in bed uncomfortable during sleep. Even though, manufacturers of anti snore pillows claim effectiveness of their products, but a lot depend on what causes snoring. People snore due to different reasons, out of which most common are floppy soft palate which vibrates with passing air and nasal blockage. In some cases, like for those snorers who snore due to tongue instead of nasal problem, anti snore pillows can work effectively.

Are Pillows Really Effective to Stop Snoring?

This is an ongoing debate between health experts. While manufacturers insists on the efficiency of their products, some health experts claim that anti snore pillow can have very small effect. Pillows are designed to provide comfort, but few manufacturers have taken them to the next level by adding anti snoring features. As anti snore pillow industry is growing, we can say that people have increasing interest in these pillows.

Anti Snore pillow is designed to provide right lift to the head and neck to keep the air passage open allowing air to pass through easily. By lifting the chin off the chest, the tongue is pushed back which provides more passage for air. This is why anti snore pillow is considered most suitable for tongue snorers. People who snore due to nasal blockage may need other anti snoring products like sprays or nasal strips for better solution.

What to Look for in an Anti Snore Pillow?

All manufacturers claim that they provide good lift to head, neck and chin which help prevents snoring. Similarity between these pillows often makes it difficult to choose between them. Most anti snoring pillows are made up of memory foam to provide good lift and weighs 3 to 4 pounds. The most prominent difference between these pillows is in their shape.

Unfortunately, customer reviews about almost all types of anti snoring pillows are average or below average. One of the major complain about these pillows is strong chemical smell that is hard to wash away. So first thing you may want to look into is if it is smell free. Next is to look into the pillows that provide you with an option to adjust height and lift.

In some cases, the harder and firmer pillows are more effective as they can lift the neck and chin for longer period of use.

Also, make sure that the anti snore pillow is easy to care, machine washable and of standard size to provide comfort.

1. Nopap Positional Body Pillow

This Positional Body Pillow by Nopap features the support you need with comfort and offers the best solution for snoring. It features the support you need that includes dual cushioning design. It viably combines the comfort of an L shaped side sleeper pillow with the support of a back wedge pillow.

It ensures maximum comfort with its dual filling, one side is filled with a polyurethane foam block wrapped in a soft low melt fiber which is soft and firm, while the other side is stuffed with a patent pending “Angel Hair” polyester down alternative which is ultra soft and comfortable. Unlike other pillows this one comforts by the support of a soft and supportive foam wedge.

Features and Specifications

  • Made from 100% Cotton
  • Helps in reducing snoring in an easy and comfortable way
  • Dual stuffed for positional stability and side sleeping body pillow
  • Sleep better tonight and every night! No training needed, just the use of a simple everyday pillow.
  • Offers extra non-supine support
  • 100% handmade and hypoallergenic
  • Made in USA


  • Offers exceptional comfort
  • Great for improving sleep and headaches, hip and back aches
  • Extraordinarily well-made
  • Perfect for people who have snoring habit
  • Much firmer than other body pillows


  • Does not stay in U-shape
  • Some customers find it very thick causing neck cramps
  • Too pricey but does not include a pillow case
  • The pillow side on which sleep on is under filled, it flattens easily
  • For some customers it did not offer snoring solution

What does customers say about it?

The on average Amazon rating of Nopap Positional Body Pillow – Dual Stuffed for Side Sleeping Comfort and Support for Snoring Solution (Medium) is 4 stars out of 5 which is based on 71 customer reviews. Its 4 stars rating indicate that majority of customers have very good experience in using this body pillow.

Out of 71 customer reviews 70% customers rate it a 5 star product by giving excellent review and indicating it a must-buy product, 4% rate it a 4 star product by giving good reviews, 10% rate it a 3 star product whereas only 16% rate it at or below 2 stars. Customers like this body pillow because it is fabulously well-made, perfect for side sleepers, works well for those suffers from snoring problems and relieves neck and back and headaches significantly.


The Nopap Positional Body Pillow provides exceptional support and is the best snoring aid and body pillow that assists in drastically reducing snoring. It improves the quality of sleep significantly, relieves neck and back aches and offers an ultimate snoring solutions. Furthermore, it provides significant help to people having sleep apnea problems. The product has an above average rating of 4 stars having various excellent reviews. However, this pillow also has some negative reviews so carefully match your needs and requirements with this product’s features before making your buying decision. Overall, this body pillow by Nopap is a high quality product, offers extraordinary comfort and support and has the ability to solve your snoring and sleep problems effectively.

2. Milliard Memory Foam Anti-Snore Pillow

This pillow is designed for back sleepers to help reduce snoring as it encourages users to sleep on their side. It is filled with memory foam that perfectly conforms to the contour of our neck, shoulders and head.

The Anti-snoring pillow comes with machine washable ultra soft 75% cotton removable cover. The pillow is comparatively small in size with 19 x 14 x 4.5 inches of dimensions with a weight of just 2 lbs. The pillow is fitted with an elevated panel that shifts the head to its side allowing clear air passage resulting in reduced snoring.


According to most users, the anti-snoring pillow worked for them as snoring reduced with its use while others praised its therapeutic feel and comfort due to memory foam filling.

The consistent support and contouring feature is also praised by some customers. As memory foam easily contours to the shape of neck and head, it relieves aches, discomfort and promotes healthy and comfortable sleep.


The size of the pillow is rated as too small by some users as few of them complained that they rolled off it when moved during sleep.

The pillow is not for stomach sleepers. Some sleepers also complained that the pillow is uncomfortable and did not keep its shape for too long.


If you are used to of small pillow and don’t move around much, this small pillow may work for your snoring problem. Unlike other foam filled pillows, the memory foam and ultra soft 75% cotton cover provides higher level of comfort and consistent support for better sleep.

The price is also at the lower end that makes it a good option for back sleepers.

3. Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow

The multi-purpose, dual-position pillow is designed to provide neck and back pain relief as well as to reduce snoring. The pillow offers two different sizes on each side which makes it suitable for both back and side sleepers. It is made up of hypoallergenic environment-friendly foam and comes with a machine washable polyester/cotton cover.

Therapeutic sleeping pillows assist back and side sleepers to sleep with correct spinal alignment that promotes healthy sleep and prevents stiff neck and other similar problems. The light weight pillow weighs only 1 lb. The manufacturer also offers 5 year warranty for its shape and resilience.


The pillow received an overwhelming response for its effectiveness. One user, who is a chiropractor himself rated it as the best pillow he ever used for neck and back pain relief. The height of the side pillow keeps the neck in perpendicular position with shoulders that is considered as the best position for side sleepers.

The portion for back sleepers is also comfortable and soft. The durability which is more than 5 years is also praised by most users. Effectiveness as anti snoring pillow is also praised as the height and firmness of the back pillow positions the neck in such a manner that it opens clear passage for air to pass through.


The pillow is designed for only back and side sleepers, not for stomach sleepers. Even though, the pillow is available in different sizes but precise neck and head measurements are required to get the right size otherwise it will fail to deliver. Some customers complained that as the pillow sinks and wears down with time, the measurements went out.


Even though, the price is high but the research based sleeping pillow is designed to deliver results. It is often recommended by chiropractors and doctors for their patients that makes it an authentic option.

It looks like an excellent choice for people who want to get rid of snoring and bad posture issues at the same time.

4. Cloud Soft Anti-Snore Pillow

Anti-snore pillow by Cloud Soft is a multi-purpose pillow that can be used by snoring or non-snoring people alike. The pillow has removable foam that prevents sleepers from lying on their back during sleep.

As most people snore when they lay on their back, the pillow makes people sleep on their side. As the foam is removable, it can be used without extra foam to sleep as you like. The pillow is light weighted with just 2.4 lbs and a dimension of 25 x 12 x 5 inches.


Most users praised the use of unique and creative removable foam wedge that prevents users from rolling on their back. By removing the wedge, it becomes an all purpose pillow.

The pillow also received above average rating for its effectiveness as most users claimed that they stopped snoring after the use of this pillow. The pillow is also very soft and provides comfort but the foam wedge is hard. It is also easy to fit in any normal size pillow cover.


For some users, the use of wedge is uncomfortable as it makes people awake whenever they want to shift their position. For some people, it didn’t work as they easily switched over the wedge to sleep on their back.


The pillow is an effective and simple anti-snoring solution for people who snore while lying on their back. It makes people sleep on their side and provides a comfortable solution to snorers. The height, consistency and comfort level provided are also praised by most of the reviewers.

May be not a good fit for people who can’t sleep on their side, but otherwise, it makes a good anti-snoring option. If you are alone and want to sleep on your back, the pillow allows you by removing the foam wedge. It is also a good option for allergic people as the fabric and filling is Hypoallergenic.

5. Science of Sleep Snore No More Pillow

This anti snore pillow is designed by a doctor to encourage healthy breathing and to reduce snoring. The light weight product (1.2 lbs) comes with zipped cover that is easy to care and wash. Dimensions of the pillow are 21 x 15 x 5 inches with one side consists of half moon while other side is flat. It is designed to encourage healthier sleep posture and easy breathing by lifting the chin off our chest that opens the airways resulting in less snoring.


The pillow is positively rated by side and back sleepers for its effectiveness as anti snore pillow. Customers also liked the half moon side as it cradles the head in such a position that the whole body comes to its natural healthy posture. The half moon side is also praised for its comfort, firmness and support it provides to neck and head.

For its effectiveness, the pillow received above average reviews in its favor if not by all. Number of users commented that they stopped snoring immediately after they started using it. The price that is $38.44 on Amazon is also rated moderately by most reviewers.


The height of pillow (5 inches) and its firmness makes it almost impossible for stomach sleepers to use. For people who are used to of soft pillows, this pillow is often too firm to get comfortable with.

Some people still complained about the snoring while few others claimed that the life span of pillow is too short as in some cases, it was useless after 3 to 4 months.


The anti snore pillow looks effective for most of the people and offers a good option for back and side sleepers. Its unique design especially half moon side is praised by most customers as it provides comfort, support and effectively helped stop snoring in most cases.