The library aims to acquire and preserve publications and documentation concerning Nubian cultural heritage and the museum collections and to make the material available to researchers and interested public.

The library consists in a lobby, a general reading area and an electronic reading area.

It possesses more than 2000 volumes (206 of them in Arabic) concerning a wide variety of subjects including: Art, History, Archaeology, Public relations, Conservation, Education, Museology, Exhibition design, Museum Management, and reference books (dictionaries, atlases, …). Most of these publications concern Nubia, but also Egypt, and to a lesser extent, the rest of the world.
Various reports, dissertations, periodicals and CD-ROMs, complete this ever-growing collection.

Mrs Rasha Fawzi
Mrs Zeinab Abass

Educational and Cultural Facilities

1- School visits:

The educational department provides a series of activities for school children.

  • Pottery workshops: children create potteries with the help of the educational staff.
  • Basketry workshops: once a week, a facilitator comes to animate a children’s workshop on traditional basketry.
  • Costume making: children can design and create historical costumes relating to the different periods represented in the museum collections.
  • Theatre performances: children can create small plays and act in the open air theatre specially reserved for the education department, or use the museum’s lecture hall for bigger performances. They usually use the costumes that they created during the costume making activities.
  • Journal writing: this workshop enables children to create a journal relating their visit to the museum, or on a particular theme they are studying.
  • Exhibition: small exhibitions of the children’s achievements are organised annually in the education department.

Reception area (lunch room, toilets, cloak room, etc.)

Outdoor infrastructure:
Small amphitheatre for 60 children with sun and wind protection.
Access possibility to limited exterior areas, especially from the workshop, to carry out outdoor activities in specifically designed areas, i.e. work area and gardens.

Schools should book at least a week in advance.

Contact person:
Mrs. Thanaa Hassan Mousa, Head of Education Department
Tel. (+2097) 31911
Fax. (+2097) 317998

2- Lecture Hall:

A lecture hall seating 250 persons may be used to complement the exhibition and educational program with the presentation of lectures, films, slides, etc. It may be let on demand for ceremonies, performances, etc.

Lobby and information desk
Amphitheater for 250 persons
Stage, speakers and podium
Projection booth
Translation cabinets for 3 languages

Contact person:
Mrs. Thanaa Hassan Mousa, Head of Education Department
Tel. (+2097) 31911
Fax. (+2097) 317998