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The photographic credits are indicated under the photos, at the bottom of the page.
H = Top Photo, B = Bottom Photo, M = Middle Photo, T1 = 1st photo in text (1st link), T2 = 2nd photo in text (2nd link), etc.

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Bete Giorgis Church in Lalibela, Ethiopia: Neville Garrick
Dogon dance in Sangha (Mali): Agence Hoa-Qui, Paris, photo Huet
Top of the mask: Hugues Dubois
Tingatinga: Jean-Denis Joubert
Musical bow: Pierre Sallée, Museum of Man
Sanza: Oggeti e ritmi, strumenti musicali dell’Africa, Pigorini Museum, Ed. De Luca, 1980

N.B. We have done our best to identify the photographers whose images appear on this website. If for any reason a credit has been omitted from this list, please contact.


Pierre Akendengue:
Ghalo Ghalo: SONAFRIC, 1972, SAF 1532 A / Afrika Obota: SARAVAH, 1976, SH 10063 / Nkere: Awana w’Afrika, NTYE, 1982, NT13003 / Toto Men: Carrefour Rio, 1996, MEPA GABON, MEPA 8961
Fela Anikulapo Ransome Kuti: Shakara; Lady: Greatest Hits, Volume II, 1998, RDRCD-4166

Mbilia Bel: The beauty of a woman / Yamba Ngai / Shauri Yako /

Bonga: Mukanji and Xica: Sentimento / Makongo: Marika

Manu Dibango: Mboa ‘Su: Mboa’ Su, MELODIE, 2001, CD JPS 64 / Bolingo City and Africratie: Kamer Feeling, 2001, CD JPS 126

Cesaria Evora: Besame Mucho and Small Country: Best of Cesaria Evora, Lusafrica, 1998, LC0316 / Dor di Amor: Sao Vicente di Longe, Lusafrica, 2001, LC10412

Franco: Liberty: 20th anniversary 1956-1976, SACEM, CD-50382 / Mario: Mario, DISQUES ESPERANCE, 1989, CD CD 8461 / The life of men:

Salif Keita: Mandjou: / Wamba: Soro, CELLULOID, 1987, CD 66883-2 / Folon: Folon – The Past, MANGO, 1995, CD 524 149-2

M’Pongo Love: Shopping woman: / Kapwepwe:

Myriam Makeba: The Click Song and Whim Away: Myriam Makeba, Hope Records, ESP 155564 / Pata Pata: SONODISC, CDS 8818

Hugh Masekela: Sekunjalo: The Best of Hugh Masekela on Novus / Song of Love: Black to the Future, SHANACHIE

Youssou N’Dour: Old man (gorgui): The guide, COLUMBIA, 1994, CD 476508 2 / Wiri-Wiri: Joko, SONY MUSIC, 2000, CD 489718 2

Geoffrey Oryema: Land of Anaka: Exile, REAL WORLD, 1990, RWMC14 / Kel Kweyo: Beat the Border, REAL WORLD, 1993, RWMC37 / Careless World: Night to Night, VIRGIN, 1996, 8-41644-4

Oumou Sangaré: Moussolou and Diaraby Nene: SYL 83103 / Worotan: MGS 2649

Papa Wemba: Superior Mother: NGOYARTO, NG 026 / M’fono Yami: M’fono Yami, CELLULOID, 1988, CD 668752 / Show me the way: Emotion, REAL WORLD, 1995, CD RW52


Joseph Adandé, Art Historian, National University of Benin: texts and notices (signed J. A.)