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The Numibia project, developed by the African Heritage School (EPA) with the support of UNESCO’s Division of Cultural Heritage, aims to create and manage a database for the benefit of African heritage professionals and stakeholders. available on the Internet and locally at the EPA Info-Library on Early and Contemporary African Arts.

This database gathers the “flagship” works produced by the ancient and contemporary African artists, information about these artists, a bibliography, as well as key documents retranscribed or facsimile.

The areas covered are: architecture, culinary arts, graphic arts, clothing, cinema, design, literature, fashion, music and dance, finery, painting, photography, sculpture . The fields of sculpture, music and architecture will be developed at first.

Numibia, the code name of the project is a contraction of Numidia: ancient region of North Africa, and Nubia, reference to the land that the ancient Egyptians called “Kush country”, which began south of the 1st cataract. This name was chosen to mark the continental vocation of the project.