Regional Training Center in Conservation and Museology

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When the Nubia Museum was created, it was decided to make a place not only for the display of antiquities but also a Regional Training Center in conservation and museology to preserve the region’s priceless cultural heritage and also to create links for further cooperation in the field of research, collection, exhibition exchanges, etc., with other Arabic and African countries through the support of international institutions.

The courses are addressed to people who work already in the field of the preservation of Cultural Heritage and who need to improve their skills in their field. The courses are intensive with a maximum duration of one month.

In the first years of the activity of the Center the trainers will be assisted by international and regional consultants. In the next two years it is foreseen that the senior members of the Nubia Museum staff will serve as trainers for the courses dispensed at the Regional Training Center.

The main topics of the courses will be:

documentation of collections (accessioning objects, assigning catalogue numbers, defining and initiating computer records, management protocols, etc.);

care of collections: preventive conservation, security, professional ethics.

The training center also aims at the provision of professional museum training and research facilities by the Nubia Museum personnel using the most advanced equipment and professing the most current information.

The activity of the Center started in 2001 with the training of the senior members of the museum staff, carried out by an international staff of consultants.